We offer Delft Blue Ceramic commemorative Birthday Tiles  and also personalised photos of your Migrant Ship.
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Johan van Oldenbarnevelt a sample of many available Migrant Ships
Size unframed 29x21 cm.
You can create a document of lasting interest to the family!

A visible personal record of a major event showing your family details, including personal photos of your family on board. You can also order your ship without the personal records.

Unframed $80,- size A4 photo paper

Over 100 Migrant Ships available! To find out about departure and and arrival dates see next page or ring Anke

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A 16x16cm. Birthday Tile - Australian design. DESIGN No. 5. Click on image for more Tile designs.
An appropiate present for a Birthday, Christening, or at the birth of a child.

4 handpainted designs on a unframed tile with your own greetings on the reverse side.

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The artist and her work. To view my work please click on the picture